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Welcome to the New Age of Compassion and Illumination



Matthew McHolland

media & cyberpsychology practioner

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I am a pioneer in the field of media psychology and as a millennial with unconventional thinking, it is my passion to illuminate and to nurture the public minds about the positive and negative aspects of the digital age. I represent the media-centric society in which we are currently living, and I understand the direction in which our world is headed from a biological, psychological, sociological, and evolutionary perspective.

Moreover, I truly believe that media technologies are powerful tools that can be utilized to enhance 
individual growth and to improve organizational efficiency. Thus, I study the biopsychosocial effects that technology has on our minds and our behavior. Additionally, I research how people use, consume, and produce media, and how storytelling can be utilized to shape the way we perceive our world.

I have a BA in Psychology from California State University San Marcos, and a Masters of Arts in Media Psychology from Fielding Graduate University with an emphasis in media literacy. It is my dream to become a renowned media psychologist so that I can positively steer individuals towards global media literacy and integrative/complementary medicine in order to ameliorate their lives.

 I am extremely fascinated with the field of
integral and somatic psychology, depth psychology, cyberpsychology, philosophy, cosmology, physics, consciousness, and shamanic healing.

 i am passionate about empowering people with my writing to welcome new technologies and natural body and mind healing practices. Furthermore, I research how new and existing mediums and integrative medicine positively impact our civilization as a whole. In my free time, I enjoy researching about the human energy system, the philosophy and psychology of technology and spirituality, ancient civilizations, reading/watching sci-fi movies/shows/books and traveling around the world.


Our Collective Vision

Shaping The Way We Perceive The World And Our Place Within It

Media Literacy of life is a mentoring sanctuary. we are located in the heart of palm Desert, California with a global online presence dedicated to empower the mind, heart, gut, body and soul of every person in our planet.


donations are utilized to continue to promote media literacy and cyberpsychology awareness in america and the entire world including places like mexico.  


media literacy of life deeply believes that embracing our biology and our consciousness is fundamental for the integrative well-being of a person. We are life, we are the universe and not only are we are here to mentor you so that you can attain immeasurable physical, mental, emotional and transcendental healing, but we are also here to connect you with your cosmic inner self. We are here to bring you closer to mother earth, to help you live in the present, and to love life itself. We are here to balance your body, we are here to revive the goddess inside you. 




















Welcome to the New Age of Compassion and New Enlightenment! Our society is driven by different cultural and individual narratives, which ultimately allow us to understand our media-centric society and the vital role we play within it.

Our primary goal is to help you become an
informed and wise digital citizen so that you can succeed in today's digital age.

We are currently undergoing a 
major war of information, and we are extremely passionate about empowering individuals like you to successfully create a more transparent, courageous, and compassionate environment.

Narratives are here to stay! Not only are narratives a tool for the mind to better understand our ecosystem, but they play a tremendous role in our personal and cultural identity.

 Not only is our primary narrative comforting, empathetic and compassionate, but it also encourages the fluid dissemination of ideas and a collective ontological awakening of the unconscious mind.

"When you flow with yourself, you flow with the universe!"- Matthew McHolland

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Media Literacy Curriculum

Become an Informed and Responsible Global Digital Citizen

Unveil the power of the pioneering field of media psychology and cyberpsychology.


 discover how this vital field can help you understand our current reality from an unconventional perspective. Let your intuition guide you through this boundless personal awakening!

A human being is fundamentally a creation of his or her individualistic and collective thoughts! Be sure to keep up with all that’s happening not just at Media Literacy of Life but also in your surroundings. Let a passionate Media psychology practioner completely reset your personal and social life so that you can successfully thrive in the digital age.

Aspire To Inspire

Media Literacy of Life has an outstanding team of dedicated mentors, all of whom are determined to help people succeed. Our cosmic team offers support and guidance, uniquely tailored to each individual. We thrive on providing personalized and humane care!

Need Assistance?

Talk to us! We love illuminating citizens! Become media literate and conquer the digital uprising!

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