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Time to Upgrade to a Hyper-interconnected World




Media literacy and self-regulating behaviors

Media literacy and digital citizenship

Beliefs and biases towards media and technology

The Power of Emotional Intelligence

What is media psychology? Redefining the field and the different opportunities that exist for those studying the field

discover the latest information on cyberpsychology and cyberwarfare


 The Effects of online notifications on the human body


 social media addiction, social approval and online comparison


 fear of missing something important phenomenon (fomsi)

learn about the power of archetypes


 online presence, reputation, and online reviews


 online social reciprocity


 bottomless bowls, infinite feeds and auto play





















 gaslightinNG 







Wi-Fi and its effects on the human body. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity or wi-fi allergies. Real or not real? Science vs. personal experiences.

A brief history of neurocinematics and how it can be used to create positive and powerful messages in movies and documentaries.

Online Degrees- The perception and what we can do to change the way people view online degrees. How to make online degrees acceptable since we are now living in a media-centric society?

The Neuromap: Six Stimuli: Self-Centered, Contrast, Tangible, Beginning and End, Visual and Emotional. How the neuromap can be used in advertising to activate the reptilian brain in order to reach the minds, hearts, and guts of consumers.

Uncertainty and how it is natural to fear the unknown. New technologies seem to be perceived as uncertain because they are new to our lives.

“Predictive programming.” Mass mind control and the conditioning of thoughts. How seeds are implanted in our minds in order to accept planned future scenarios. As stated by Alan Watts “the power of suggestion using the media of fiction to create a desired outcome."


The Dangerous and unintended consequences of online filter bubbles


 How body language shapes who we are in our environments 

Mass Media Control through network television.

Advantages and disadvantages of mediums of communication- What are the positive and negative narratives?

Subliminal behavior modification

Hidden messages in logos

Online Identify Theft

Online Predatory behavior

Online shaming/troling 

binge-watching & the age of entertainment 

Online Personalities- Personality types in an online world- How to co-exist.

Panopticon, Discipline, and Punishment

Technology in the classrooms

Video games in the educational setting

The impact of social media on the human psyche

Telehealth--- teleconsulting… telecoaching. How telehealth/coaching/consulting is redesigning the way medical field and the way people seek medical advice.

Sedentation- We are now living in a media-centric driven society. We spent more time connected to the Internet than exercising. learn how to avoid hurting your back, your hands, your eyes, and other parts of your body due to the compulsive usage of technology. learn to find balance.

Agenda setting and framing/Propaganda and persuasion. learn about the lack of morals in today's media outlets and private agencies. 

Perception!!! And how it alters the way we interact with our world

Online digital footprint. online sharing.

Consciousness- we create our “Reality” through experience

Images and how they shape the perceptions of people before they even meet us. The psychology of pictures.

Media Literacy for individuals of all ages. How to distinguish news vs. fake news. What is the agenda behind this meme? There is no doubt that there are different agendas involved in the "post-truth movement." We are living in a police state, and history has shown again and again that dumbing down the masses has been used to manipulate humans. 

Music as a medium and as a way to express ourselves…. For social change. Using music to spread positive political narratives.

What science is telling us about the heart’s intuitive intelligence?

The positive aspects of the digital age/Living in a media-centric society

How technologies shape human behavior

The mind-gut-heart connection and our health

Uncertainty and new technologies- fearing the unknown

Transmedia Storytelling

What is a paradigm and how does a paradigm shift occur?

What is a cyborg and why do some philosophies think we are turning into cyborgs?

The Internet of Things

Online Dating and how is changing the way people meet

Psychophysiological responses and advertisements

Subliminal Messages and Ethics

Mental Stimulation, Narrative Transportation, and Persuasion- MOVIES, BOOKS, AND MUSIC.

Virtual Reality and the Medical Field

The psychology of selfies

Online Reviews/Online shopping and how reviews alter our decisions.

An introduction to the pineal gland, the seat of the soul, our intuitive “third eye.”

Augmented Reality in the Educational Setting and the Medical Field

Are we rational or emotional beings?

Network associations and our brains/Priming

Emotional appeal vs. Logical appeal

Hate speech vs. Free speech


Organic fruits and vegetables


Renewal Energy: solar, wind and thermal


The Ethics involving genetically modified organisms 


 Sustainable living


  Fluoride and its effects on the human anatomy


 Grounding or earthing


 treating addiction with human connection, flora and fauna


 The natural healing effects of ayahuasca & xanga



anc  ancient/shamanic healinge

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